Keratin Treatments in Doylestown

Moxie Salon in Doylestown is a great place for those seeking to rejuvenate their hair and embrace a sleek, polished look. Our array of conditioning treatments cater to various hair types and concerns, with the Keratin and Bamboo Keratin Treatments being the most sought-after.

What to expect from Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment or sometimes called a Brazilian blowout is the process of applying Keratin, a naturally forming chemical to your hair with heat in order to rejuvenate it. The process works by applying the chemical and heat to the hair repeatedly. It can be a long process that takes time but the reward is worth it. A Keratin blowout will make your hair straight and silky smooth.


Frizz Reduction: Significant reduction in frizz, making your hair more manageable. Time Efficiency: Smoother hair texture cuts down on styling time. Durable Results: The effects are long-lasting, usually up to 3-4 months, offering a low-maintenance hair care routine.


A simple aftercare regimen includes avoiding washing for 72 hours post-treatment and using sulfate-free shampoos thereafter.

Will a Keratin blowout damage your hair?

No in fact a keratin treatment restores health to your hair and lessens frizzy unmanageable hair. These conditioning treatments make hair smoother and more manageable. It will also lower your hair drying time significantly.

Bamboo Keratin Treatment


The Bamboo Keratin Treatment marries the benefits of keratin with the strengthening attributes of bamboo extract. This innovative treatment not only straightens the hair but also reinforces its strength, courtesy of the silica present in bamboo.


Eco-Conscious: An environmentally friendly alternative for the eco-conscious individual. Enhanced Strength and Growth: Bamboo extract fortifies the hair shaft, promoting healthier growth. Natural Luminosity: Infuses a natural shine and softness, adding a unique dimension to your hair.


The procedure mirrors the traditional treatment, initiated with a thorough cleansing, followed by the application of the Bamboo mixture and sealing with a flat iron.


Similar aftercare instructions as the regular keratin treatment ensure the longevity of the results.

Turn back the clock on years of damage today with a Keratin or Bamboo Keratin Treatments at Moxie Salon, in Doylestown.

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